Pleasurable holidays in Styria

Indulging the palate and the soul

Sport, stunning views, sumptuous food and sunlight – the list of pleasures in Styria is long. Discover a wide variety of indulgent pleasures and sights in and around Bruck an der Mur. We are delighted to present a small selection here.

Ihr Aktivurlaub in Bruck an der Mur

Bruck an der Mur

Lively. If you were to describe Bruck an der Mur in just one word, this would probably be best. Green hills, the largest river in Styria – the Mur – and the nonchalant charm of the old town. There is something for everyone here, from delighting in nature to marvelling at the town's historical buildings or embarking on a shopping spree.

pumpkin soup

Indulgence the Styrian way

Styrian cheese, pumpkin seed oil or crisp apples. Celebrated way beyond the borders of Styria, this is just a small taste of the delicacies that await in the green heart of Austria. Indulgence here builds on seasonal, regional, down-to-earth products – from the hearty Styrian snacks to fine dining in a gourmet restaurant.

Experience Graz

Just 50 kilometres away, a trip to the provincial capital of Graz will be richly rewarded: with experiences and impressions that you remember forever. Old town flair on the one hand. Hip university city on the other. A stroll up the Schlossberg to the clock tower is almost obligatory here, as is a detour to the city’s modern landmark, the Kunsthaus art museum.

Culinary delights at the Pogusch

The richest reward for your physical exertions. A hike up the Pogusch is always worth the effort. After all, it does take you to the Steirereck am Pogusch inn. The scenic surroundings are a treat for the eye, wile the finest specialities on the plate in front of you are a delight for the palate.

Group of golfers practicing and training golf swing on driving r

Gold Centre Bruck an der Mur

You will have no trouble at all following the flight of your golf ball against the deep green forests of the region. The lush natural landscape and the warm welcome for golf novices and aces are hallmarks of the Golf Centre in Bruck an der Mur.